No-install live demos

for any native application

Mega conversion rates


Interactive demos generate up to 2X higher download rates compared to banners and screenshots

We supercharge your app installs

There are screenshots and videos. We built a third way to discover games: instantly playable demos that don't require installing or waiting time.
A whopping 100% of users say our demos are better for understanding a game than screenshots and videos. We could't agree more.
Users can dive into the actual gaming environment and play the tutorial or first track. This results in higher LTV and higher retention.

Increase game downloads in any application

Social Apps


Offer instantly playable demos in your app installs product. Atmos guarantees higher download rates and better retention for developers, and a spike in app-install revenue for you.

Messaging Apps


In your mini application store, you can start offering instant gameplays, which generate more downloads and higher CPI.

Application Markets


Go beyond screenshots and videos with instantly playable demos. Higher user and developer satisfaction guaranteed.

ad networks


Offer playable game ads and let conversion rate skyrocket. Playable ads catch the attention of users unlike traditional video ads and banners.


$499 / month platform access fee +

Charged monthly based on the number of installs delivered through the Atmos Platform.

ATMOS Engine provides a scalable technology, so you can start offering instantly playable demos for millions of users with no increase in your server costs. The engine runs 1080p @ 30 FPS with zero latency. This is a world-first.

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Games of the world's biggest studios, like Supercell, King, IGG, Rovio or Gameloft already support our technology. Join them now.

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